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DRUM AND BASS: /SERIES NEW RELEASE – Cruise Control Volume 5:


Strap in and turn on the cruise control. This Drum & Bass series for 2017 focuses on the jump-up, neurofunk, ragga and other bangers that we all love.
This new series, ‘Cruise Control’ captures the driving grooves that propel not only rudeboy riddims, but also the gunslinging funk that makes all yardies want to rush the floor.

I hope you enjoy volume 5, it’s a few days late because of Halloween shows and such lol! New mixes will be out each month, on the last day of the month!

– Firecat 451

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CONTACT: booking@Firecat451.com


Cruise Control Vol.5 - A Drum & Bass Mix Series

Cruise Control Vol.4 - A Drum & Bass Mix Series

Cruise Control Vol.3 - A Drum & Bass Mix Series

Cruise Control Vol.2 - A Drum & Bass Mix Series

Cruise Control Vol.1 - A Drum & Bass Mix Series

DRUM AND BASS: /SERIES – Axiom the Mixes:

Axiom 10: Premium Blend

Firecat 451 - AX:XI - Axiom 11 (Amsterdam Version)

Axiom 9: JANUS

Axiom 8: Selection!

Axiom 7: True Mathmatics

Axiom 6: Rewind

Axiom 5: Lemon G

Axiom 4: The Fall

Axiom 2: Concrete Wisdom

Axiom 1: Follow Your First Mind


FEATURED DnB /Remix: Sade - Stronger Than Pride (Firecat 451 Remix)

OASIS + FIRECAT 451 - Wonderwall (Funk Runner Remix)

Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul (Firecat 451 DNB Remix)

De La Soul Ft. Redman - OOOH (Firecat 451 Drum & Bass Remix)

Adina Howard - Freak Like Me (Firecat 451's Liquid Trick Remix)

Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out (Firecat 451's Liquid Trick Edit)

I Want You Back Again (Firecat 451's Funk Runner Remix)

DUBSTEP & BASS: /SERIES – Armor Class Mixes

FEATURED DUBSTEP MIX: /SERIES - Armor Class 4: Advance Protocol

Armor Class 3: [World Edition]

Armor Class 2: Turbine

Armor Class 1: ONE

DUBSTEP & BASS: /SERIES – Unlimited Ammunition Mixes

UAVIP: Unlimited Ammunition VIP

UA2: Unlimited Ammunition II